Velvet Spectrum had the immense fortune of working with Maxon to create the visual identity and splash screen for Cinema 4D - Release 21. 
On a personal level, this project was an incredible highlight, as this 3D software has played such a pivotal role in the creative evolution of Velvet Spectrum. 
The foundations of these visuals began with Cosmic Visions, which was a personal series, that aimed to capture the true essence of some of our most fascinating creatures, through the use of composition, form and materials. ​​​​​​​
Inspired by the technological advancements in bio-mechanics that begins to merge the natural and digital worlds. 
Color variants were created for Cinema 4D Lite and Team Render.
Further artworks were created for use in marketing and promotional materials for the launch of Cinema 4D - R21 and The 3D Design + Motion Tour
The 3D Design + Motion Tour, is an unprecedented global learning event that will hit the road September 2 - December 10, 2019. Making stops in 26 cities throughout North America and Europe, artists who want to break into high-end 3D digital production are invited to learn from the most exciting names in the motion design and visual effects industry 
Creative development process. 
An early alternate iteration, exploring a typographical execution. 
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