Throughout 2017, Velvet Spectrum (Luke Choice) worked with the Adobe Make It Impactful team to engage and educate the design community through a series of tutorials, workshops and competitions.  
Tasked with exploring Project Felix, Adobe’s beta 3D program, Luke created and broke down one of his artworks to highlight the program’s unique features and capabilities.  New users to Felix also had the opportunity to watch live demonstrations of the working processes on the Velvet Spectrum Instagram.  These tutorials led to an open competition for all artists to submit their own Felix creations in the hopes of winning a trip to Adobe MAX where Luke would host another live workshop for the program.
Project Felix tutorial breakdown.  For more information on how Luke created this composite visit Adobe Make It Impactful: Project Felix
At Adobe MAX 2017 in Las Vegas, Adobe announced the launch of Dimension CC which would supersede Project Felix as the company’s primary 3D program.  With this announcement came the unveiling of the inaugural splash screen.  Honored with the task of creating this title artwork, Luke was able to showcase the power behind the materials and rendering quality of the newest Adobe program.  The result was a merging together of multiple dimensions, reflected through the use of different materials and dynamic perspectives.
Concept development stage
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